Drawing is a means of externalising my pain similar to the process of making sculptures. However the act of drawing is different in that it does not specifically describe the sensation of the pain, rather the movement and pressure. The darker the mark the worse the pain and the greater the pressure on my body. Monoprinting respons beautifully to pressure which allows my body to have a direct relationship to the process, material and mark.

Monoprint 01, 40x30cm

Monoprint 02, 40x30cm

Monoprint 24, 14x9cm


Monoprint 25, 14x9cm

Monoprint 26, 14x9cm

Monoprint 27, 14x9cm


Monoprint 33, 18x6cm

19Monoprint series 04, handmade paper, acetate, 90x36cm

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