Catharsis 01

Catharsis 01
documents my making of sculptures that are visual narratives of my chronic pain (when I experience a heaviness the clay is pushed from underneath itself, teared in response to sharpness, rolled upon itself when I feel a builed up of pressure etc)
As I manipulate the clay in response to my pain the viewer sees only my hand. While my pain is in my legs it is my hands that externalise it just as it is also my hands, or rather my constant use of just one, that alludes to my disibilty. Pain is communicated through direct physicality of body – material.

Catharsis 02

Catharsis 02
documents me breaking sculptures that were initially made in response to my chronic pain and reflected my fragile body. In breaking these sculptures, I sought to accept my body’s delicacy and the guarantee of its decline.
My pain is in both legs so I’m unable to stand for long. This weakness is activated as a point of action; the moment my body weakens, I drop the sculptures. This act is gentle, reflecting the normalcy of my, or anyone’s body, ceasing to exist.

To see the live performance that concluded the Catharsis works go to:



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