17.Self-portrait 01, mirror, the body, 90x50cm

In this self portrait two pieces of mirror were cut to the differing lengths of my legs. Only when the work is viewed is it completed by the limbs of the viewer reflected in the mirror. The fragmented body cut in two is reflective of the way in which illness disrupt the bodies harmony and stops one feeling whole.

18Self-portrait 04, steel chains, weights, cord, nails, aluminium rope250x230cm

Focusing on three pain types (stretching | heaviness| knotting) I depicted them directly using unrefined, basic materials. These materials may seem alien in being attributed to ones body but accuratley externalise what the body in pain feels like; a restrictive, clumsy and very present part of me.

16-bucket-and-woodSelf portrait 02, wood, steel bucked, water, 96x50cm

As with the mirror piece, this portrait responds to the faults present in my body. Wood, reflective of the stiffness in my limbs, is cut to the differing lengths of my legs as the left side sits in water which will gradually rot the wood. The piece responds to my declining body and highlights it very directly, again with basic, familiar materials.

12Tools, 21x5ocm

These tools are used to create both my sculptures and monoprints. Each tool relates to a different pain sensation which dictates when it is selected. A sharpness or stabbing senstation requires a scalpel, while a deep knotting calls for a hooked tool, a dull ache or heaviness requires a flat wood tool and so on…
Displaying these tools, layed out like surgical tools as work in their own right is a nod to the importance of process. They were later cast in clay slip relating to the fragility of the making/coping process, while peweter casting highlights their likeness to surgical tools and ability to repair the body through cathartic work.

14Instruments 01, Slip Clay, pewter, 14×0.5cm-20x1cm

moa-inside-of-mouldsMoulded Instruments, 20x5cm-25x10cm


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